Accessories & Cutstom Solutions

Making McGinley a Must-Buy

We are in a race to replace dangerous and obsolete surgical drills in every OR worldwide. McGinley Accessories and Custom Solutions eliminate the common obstacles to adoption of our technologies, adding safety for patients and value for our customers and investors.

Pin Pilot


Growth Strategy #1
Provide Cost Savings

One Smart Tool

To Replace Them All

The McGinley Pin Pilot attachment doubles the utility and value of the Intellisense Drill by transforming it instantly into an Intelligent Pin Driver. Pins are use to hold surgical plates in place before drilling and now these two essential tasks can be executed safely with the power of Intellisense saving time, money, and further reducing risk. Included in our Universal Chuck set, the Pin Pilot make the Intellisense Drill the only power system needed in the OR.

Growth Strategy #2
Drive Ongoing Sales with Consumables

Quick Cutting Bits

Razor-Sharp Business Model

McGinley Orthopedics leverages the classic “razor -blade model” with it’s proprietary surgical bits that provide the opportunity for continued revenue and customer engagement. By maximizing customer touch points over time we plan to forge strong relationships that will speed the sales process as our product lines expand.



Growth Strategy #3
Universal Accessories

Guiding the Way

to Greater Efficiency

McGinley is committed to driving revenues through continued innovation. Our universal, adjustable dill guide eliminates the need to purchase multiple standard guides and significantly reduces OR time needed to locate, change, and sterilize multiple guides.

The Revolver

Universal Drill Bit Guide

Growth Strategy #4
Universal Compatibility

Universal Chucks

Incompatibility is Boring (Get it?)

McGinley’s interchangeable chucks are compatible with all other hardware. This versatility eliminates any objections surgeons or administrators may have to committing to proprietary systems and facilitates speedier growth.


Keyless Chuck

Accommodates third-party attachments from 0.3-7.4mm

Keyed Chuck

Accommodates third-party attachments from 0.5mm-7.4mm

AO Chuck

Accommodates third-party AO style attachments